Using Multi-Media in Automotive Education

Automotive tech programs are often very firmly rooted in the shops. While this is a known and productive method, some auto tech teachers are instructing their students using new technology in the classroom.

As profiled by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) in January, Denis Ashton of the East Valley Institute of Technology is doing just that. He has implemented an interactive Power Point curriculum for his program. In this program, after each lesson a quiz is given using electronic keypads, allowing the instructor to know how much information has been retained by the student. By making the quizzes for groups, he also is able to engage the students by making it a competition.

For automotive instructors who are worried about the content of Power Point, simple ones can be made on any computer, and even self-made videos can be created using software such as Adobe Premier or Windows Movie Maker.

But for those who prefer to use an overhead projector either in conjunction with or instead of Power Point, Nada Scientific offers a line of intricate transparencies as well as tabletop models. They include moving parts and up-to-date details. The bright colors and functional motion are a wonderful teaching aid.


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