Online Science Education Resources

January 28, 2010

On this blog I have previous written about integrating music and science education, multimedia in automotive education, and science comics and the classroom. Today I am going to concentrate on something you most likely are already doing if you read this blog: using tools from the Internet in your classroom. I will introduce you to a couple of great free resources to supplement and expand on your classroom lessons.

Today Science announced the first of 12 winners in websites that provide tools, information for and promotion of science education. This prize, which will be announced each month, is called SPORE, or The Science Prize for Online Resources in Education.

The first winner selected was The University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center websites, one of these websites is for students. It provides virtual labs, informative graphics and detailed explanations, all in a lick user-friendly design. In addition, they also have a site specifically designed for science teachers. There you will find supplemental materials as well asĀ print-and-go lesson plans.

Another great resource I would recommend is this online database of the 100 best free online science documentaries. With listings broken down into discipline, this is a fantastic way to find a supplement to your lessons.

What about you? What are your favorite science resources on the web?